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11-14-08  Happy Friday!  Breakfast at SCX.  FAA News

Happy Friday everyone.  And not a moment too soon.  Unfortunately the wx looks to be a major factor in our weekend flying activities.  Fog, rain and low ceilings today, changing to snow flurries tomorrow afternoon and Sunday morning.  Sounds like a great weekend to finish up those pesky pilot performed preventative maintenance items we are allowed to do.


The Archer was in need of an oil change, wash and some TLC after I somehow managed to log ~20hrs during the past few weeks.  You know how it is, I might as well check everything under the hood while the cowling is off.


Here is a list of maintenance items pilots can perform on type certificated aircraft (FAR 43.3) :

- Remove, install and repair tires
- Clean, grease or replace wheel bearings
- Replace defective safety wire or cotter pins
- Lubrication not requiring disassembly other than removal of non-structural items such as access covers, cowlings or fairings
- Replenish hydraulic fluid in the hydraulic and brake reservoirs
- Refinish the airplane interior or exterior (excluding balanced control surfaces) with protective coatings
- Repair interior upholstery and furnishing
- Replace side windows
- Replace bulbs, reflectors and lenses of position and landing lights
- Replace cowling not requiring removal of the propeller
- Replace, clean or set spark plug gap clearance
- Replace any hose connection, except hydraulic connections, with replacement hoses
- Clean or replace fuel and oil strainers, as well as replace or clean filter elements
- Replace prefabricated fuel lines
- Replace the battery and check fluid level and specific gravity


Fortunately, all nuts, bolts, hoses and safety wires in the Archer’s engine compartment were in place.  Both belts (alt and AC) were still in place.  Brake fluid ok, lights ok, lubed the flight controls… and my wonderful little airplane is just about ready to bore more holes in the blue clear sky.


Several are planning on SCX for breakfast tomorrow.  The hosts will be serving those brave souls willing to battle the elements.  The forecast isn’t looking favorable at the moment, will just have to wait and see what develops.  I suspect I’ll be spending the day in the hangar spit-shining the rivets on my wings :). 


Some interesting and timely news from our friends at the FAA.

General Aviation Safety Challenges 2008 - Part 2 Aircraft Icing - What every Pilot should know  A few months ago, the Small Airplane Directorate released an informational article on density altitude for distribution through various flying organizations. The article gave pilots information that could help them improve their decision making and piloting skills. As the busy summer flying season is behind us and another winter season approaches, we wanted to discuss causes for accidents in icing conditions, and provide information to help keep you safe this winter.

The full article is available to download free by clicking on the link below or by cutting and pasting the URL into your web browser:

Get answers to questions like:What is the latest trend in icing related accidents?What causes accidents in icing conditions?What should I know about airplane icing certification?Can I use the autopilot in icing conditions?What about Ice Contaminated Tailplane Stall (ICTS)?Where can I find more information? For more information about this notice please contact:


11-11-08  Veterans Day!

Happy Veterans Day to those that served or are currently serving in the American Armed Forces.  This is our opportunity to honor you and your families for your service and sacrifice and thank you for our freedom!


I got to spend some time with the Archer yesterday afternoon.  No flying, just preventative maintenance stuff. I managed to remove the cowling and give the engine a once-over.  Still looking for that pesky oil leak.  It’s just enough to keep a very thin shine on everything in the engine compartment.  I hope to finish everything this afternoon (oil/filter change included).  Stop and visit if you’re on the island.


Mark Your Calendar: 

Saturday, Nov 22, 2008 - Charlotte, NC.Rock Hill (UZA). PREMIER of CESSNA MOBILE SHOWCASE  Open House. Visit Cessna’s newest training partner Rock Hill Aviation in the Charlotte area from 10 AM - 4PM - hosted by Rock Hill Aviation, Eagle Aviation and Air Care Aviation Services, Inc. – Lunch and beverages served. Preview Cessna’s NEW Mobile Showcase  - Also will be displaying the NEW Cessna 400 , along with 2008 C182 and C206 models - ALL models feature G1000 with the new Garmin GFC700 autopilot, - simply the BEST-IN-CLASS!! The enhanced ergonomics, design elegance and styling of the 2008 Cessna 350/400 cockpits have to be seen to be appreciated. Ernie Capone 252-977-1717


11-10-08  Another wonderful weekend

I hope everyone had a great weekend and found opportunity to bore holes in the blue clear sky.  I made a mad dash to Spruce on Saturday.  Needed a case of oil, filters, quick drain gaskets, etc.  “Considering Spruce, Wanna go” was texted to a couple of flying buddies as I was driving to the island.  Sorry for the short notice, but it didn’t take much arm twisting.  Both were waiting at the hangar when I arrived.


Y’all know how much I dislike turbulence.  I filed GQO, HEFIN and FFC to avoid going over the mountains and received V267 HRS V463 WOMAC LOGEN Vectors to FFC.  Off we go toward cloud shrouded cumulogranite.  My little Archer wasn’t happy climbing to 8000’ within 20nm with 3 heavy passengers.  The air was not as turbulent as expected, but that doesn’t mean it was smooth either.    As we entered Class B, the extremely sexy sounding female controller asked if she could vector me through downtown ATL, over the big airport, then to FFC.  Like everyone else on the frequency, I would have done most anything she asked.


Over downtown ATL, over the big airport with big iron landing on the left and departing on the right.  In the words of Bart Simpson, “cool man”.


Even at 5000’ the air was extremely unstable.  George was having a hard time keeping up, so I hand.  Between keeping altitude, watching for traffic, multiple heading changes, I was too busy to enjoy the sights.


Very nice x-wind landing at FFC, even if I say so myself.  Winds were 270 14G21.  It’s the first time I’ve been to FFC and didn’t have to fight for a space in the pattern.  We were it, everyone else stayed home.








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